good [good]
better, best [ME gode < OE gōd, akin to Ger gut < IE base * ghedh-, to unite, be associated, suitable > GATHER]
I a general term of approval or commendation
a) suitable to a purpose; effective; efficient [a lamp good to read by]
b) producing favorable results; beneficial; salutary [good exercise for the legs]
c) in accord with prevailing usage [good English]
d) clever or witty [a good quip]
2. fertile [good soil]
3. fresh; unspoiled; uncontaminated [good eggs]
4. valid; genuine; real [good money, a good excuse]
5. healthy; strong; vigorous [good eyesight]
6. financially safe or sound [a good investment]
7. honorable; worthy; respectable [one's good name]
8. enjoyable, desirable, pleasant, happy, etc. [a good life]
9. dependable; reliable; right [good advice]
10. thorough; complete [a good job of cleaning up]
a) excellent of its kind [a good novel]
b) best or considered best [her good china]
11. adequate; ample; sufficient; satisfying [a good meal]
12. morally sound or excellent; specif.,
a) virtuous; honest; just
b) pious; devout
c) kind, benevolent, generous, sympathetic, etc.
d) well-behaved; dutiful
e) proper; becoming; correct [good manners]
f) socially acceptable [a good family]
13. able; skilled; expert [a good swimmer]
14. loyal or conforming [a good Democrat]
15. Law effectual; valid [good title]
II a general intensive
1. to a considerable amount, extent, or degree [a good many, a good beating]
2. at least; full [we waited a good six hours]
something good; specif.,
a) that which is morally right
b) worth; virtue; merit [the good in a man]
c) something contributing to health, welfare, happiness, etc.; benefit; advantage [the greatest good of the greatest number]
d) something desirable or desired: see also GOODS
used to express satisfaction, pleasure, agreement, etc. and, in some exclamatory phrases, to express surprise, consternation, etc.: orig. a euphemism for God [good!good grief!)]
well, completely, fully, etc.: variously regarded as substandard, dialectal, or informal
as good as
in effect; virtually; nearly
come to no good
to come to a bad end; end in failure, trouble, etc.
for good and all or for good
for always; finally; permanently
☆ good and
Informal very or altogether
good for
1. able to survive, endure, or be used for (a specified period of time)
2. worth [a coupon good for 10¢]
3. able to pay, repay, or give
4. sure to result in [good for a laugh ]
5. used to express approval [good for you!]
no good
useless or worthless
the good
1. those who are good
2. what is morally good
to the good
as a profit, benefit, or advantage

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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